Matsuo Ohno = 大野松雄 ‎– Play On Animals = 鳥獣戯楽

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Label:サイクル・ミュージック・シリーズ – 1


Used Flexi-disc 1970

Disc:VG+ (looks clean but due to the characteristics of Flexi-disc, there is a little surface noise, please check audio samples)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/wrinkles/scuffs, not bad condition)

A flexi 7" single by sound designer/sound effects engineer Matsuo Ohno, known for his work on Astro Boy and Lupin the Third, was requested for the Osaka Expo in 1970, but was disposed of without selling at all, and then became a phantom. This is a music concrete work created by the Astro Boy team of Takehisa Kosugi, Iwao Takahashi, and Katsumi Sakurai, who took on the impossible project of creating a world folk song and theme song for the Expo using only the voices of animals, and cut and pasted tape to complete the work. In addition, a thin effect is applied to masking the seams of the tape, and as it is explained that further abnormal effects work, it is a humorous work that sounds psychedelic. 1970 Original.

鉄腕アトムやルパン三世諸作で知られる音響デザイナー/音響効果技師 大野松雄が70年に大阪万博の為に依頼され制作したものの全く売れず処分され幻と化したというソノシートシングル。世界の民謡と万博のテーマ曲を動物の声のみで作るという無理難題企画を小杉武久、高橋巌、桜井勝美の鉄腕アトムチームがテープを切り貼りしながら構築し完成に繋げたミュージック・コンクリート作品で、テープの継ぎ目をマスキングするため薄くエフェクトをかけ、更なる異常作用が働くと再発時に解説されている通り正にサイケデリックに響く異人達が作り出した最高にユーモアな作品。素晴らしいの一言。

A1 - 世界の国

A2 - さくら さくら

B Sample 1

B Sample 2