Másik János – Trance Balance

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Label:Hungaropop – BP 077


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel very slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs, light creases, not bad condition)

1989 release album by Masik Janos, a synth player who was involved with Budapest scene genious Tibor Szemző and also showed his brilliance in the Hungarian underground scene. The tracks are ranging from ritualistic tribal experimental music to ethereal ethno music and fourth-world soundscapes. This somewhat chilly texture is different from the sounds produced in Western countries. Recommend to start from A1/A6/B2. Just terrific.

ブダペストシーンの奇才Tibor Szemzőとも関わりながら、ハンガリー地下シーンでもその才気を発揮したシンセ奏者Masik Janosの89年作。儀式のようなトライバル・エクスペリメンタルから霊気たっぷりのエスノ・ミュージック、第四世界的な音響空間まで濃密な楽曲群。このどこかひんやりした質感は西側諸国が作り出す音とはやはり別物。A1/A6/B2から視聴どうぞ。ヤバいです。

A1 - Bantuk A Holdban

A3 - Nagy 7

A4 - Fák És Fémek

A6 - Kriti

B2 - Apokalipszó

B4 - Taway Haway

B5 - Trance Balance