Masami Yoshida = 吉田正美 – 夏の記憶に (Sailing For Two) / You're In The Sky With Soda

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Used 7" 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (traces of peeling off the thin tape, but it is not very visible, little brown stain on back, overall good condition)

A single cut from "My Tune My Turn", the masterpiece under the solo name release of Masami Yoshida known for Grape with Masashi Sada and Chabozu. The A-side features "Sailing For Two", an exhilarating AOR tune that seems to be shining in the sun just like the cover, and the B-side features the uplifting AOR pop "You're In The Sky With Soda" on the B-side. Both are perfect for the coming season.

さだまさしとのGrapeや茶坊主で知られる吉田正美の唯一の傑作ソロ名義作品”My Tune My Turn”からのシングルカット。ジャケ通りの太陽が照り付けそうな爽快なAORチューン”夏の記憶に (Sailing For Two)”をA面、アップリフティングにスィングするAORポップ”You're In The Sky With Soda”をB面に収録。どちらもこれからの季節最高ですね。

A - 夏の記憶に (Sailing For Two)

B - You're In The Sky With Soda