Masaki Matsubara = 松原正樹 – Painted Woman

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Label:Canyon/Agharta – C28Y0059 


Used LP 1983 Promo

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Masaki Matsubara, one of Japan's leading composers and guitarists, has recorded more than 10,000 songs and had been active in a variety of genres. This album is one of his most popular solo work in 1983. It features a wide range of music from city pop to AOR to instrumental tunes. The mellow number A4 "Silly Crush", the urban mid B2 "Painted Woman", the breezy AOR "Make It With Me" and the resort-like instrumental B3 "Sunset Lullaby" are particularly standouts. The many fascinating parts on the instrumental tracks are typical of his work.

レコーディングに参加した曲は一万曲を超えるというジャンルに関係なく様々な場で活躍した日本を代表する作曲家/ギタリスト 松原正樹。本作は彼のソロ名義作品でもひときわ人気を得ている83年作。シティポップ~AOR~インスト曲まで幅広い楽曲を披露。とりわけメロウなナンバーA4”Silly Crush”、アーバン・ミッドB2”Painted Woman”、ブリージンAOR”Make It With Me”、リゾートライクなインスト曲B3”Sunset Lullaby”は白眉。インスト曲で魅せるパートも多いのが彼らしい作品となっています。

A1 - Make It With Me

A4 - Silly Crush

B2 - Painted Woman

B3 - Sunset Lullaby

B4 - Pacific Coast Highway