Masahiko Sato = 佐藤允彦 - Switched On East

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Label:Denon – Q(B)-9011


Used LP 1971

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, only feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (mold wearss inside of gatefold sleeve, front and back sleeve are good condition) w/obi (number writing, light wears), insert (wears)

The title of the album is "Switched On East" an arrangement of Taisho/Showa period music, inspired by master work "Switched on Bach" which played Bach's music on a Moog synthesizer, composed/arranged by Japan's leading jazz musician/keyboardist Masahiko Sato. Among the melodies familiar to Japanese, we recommend the dope arrangement of the shoka song "Karatachi No Hana", the summer children's song "Natsu Ha Konu" played with an electronic avant feel, and the bossa-style arrangement of another summer song "Hamabe No Uta". The style of Masahiko Sato, who has worked on various works, gives a glimpse of the playful/unusual side. The red Fuji jacket illustrated by Hokusai Katsushika is also cool.

日本を代表するジャズ音楽家/鍵盤奏者 佐藤允彦がモーグ・シンセサイザーを用いてバッハの楽曲を演奏した名作”Switched on Bach”になぞらえ大正/昭和の楽曲をアレンジしたその名も”Switched On East”。日本人には馴染みのメロディが漂う中、唱歌”からたちの花”のドープ・アレンジ、夏の童謡”夏は来ぬ”を電子アヴァン感覚で演奏した楽曲、こちらも夏を歌った”浜辺の歌”をボッサ風アレンジは当店的にオススメ。様々な作品を手掛ける佐藤允彦の遊び心/奇才的側面も垣間見える作風。葛飾北斎の赤富士ジャケットもカッコいい。

A2 - 砂山

A4 - ペチカ

A6 - 夏は来ぬ

B2 - 雪の降る町を

B4 - 宵待草

B6 - 荒城の月