Marvio Ciribelli - S.T.

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Label:Studio 888


Used LP 1991

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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The second album of Brazilian keyboard player/composer Marvio Ciribelli, released in 1991, three years after his first album "Mantra", which we recommended in our shop. This album also features a warm Brazilian groove with beautiful chord work that shines through. Technical excellent opening track A1 "A Contradança", a fusion track B2 "Mió de Bão" with transparent melody, and B4 "Dê-Vê-Já", which is led by a lustrous keyboard tone, are three very pleasant tracks. It's high quality as the first one.

当店でも紹介したブラジル人鍵盤奏者/コンポーザーMarvio Ciribelliの初作”Mantra”の三年後の91年にリリースされたセカンドアルバム。この作品でもブラジルの暖かいグルーヴに美しいコードワークが光る楽曲を収録。テクニカルで心地よいオープニングトラックA1”A Contradança”,透明感のあるメロディワークのフュージョントラックB2"Mió de Bão",艶のある鍵盤の音色が先導するB4"Dê-Vê-Já"の3曲が素晴らしいです。初作同様オススメさせて頂きます。

A1 - A Contradança

B2 - "Mió de Bão"

B4 - Dê-Vê-Já