Maria Monne – Teach Me Please

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Label:Polydor – 28MX 2060


Used LP 1983 Promo

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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1983 album by Cebu-born singer Maria Monne, which is probably the only one. All arrangements by Masanori Sasaji, and the album showcases Mariah's sound as usual. The album features the ethno experimental wave "At The Savoy" and the ambient synth-pop "Live In Love" as well as the reggae new wave "He's Drinking Tequila", the kitschy and ennui-filled "No Sir, Thank You Very Much" and the Balearic-tinged "Teach Me Please". It's quite good album that is not so well known among Mariah's related works.

セブ島出身のシンガーMaria Monneによるおそらく唯一作と思われる83年作。全てのアレンジメントを笹路正徳が手掛けた例に漏れないマライア・サウンドを披露しています。エスノ雰囲気のエクスペリメンタル・ウェーヴ”At The Savoy”やアンビエント・シンセポップ”Live In Love”を筆頭に、他にもレゲエ・ニューウェーヴ”He's Drinking Tequila”、キテレツとアンニュイな空気感が混ざったような”No Sir, Thank You Very Much”、バレアリック雰囲気”Teach Me Please”などいい曲入ってます。マライア関連作品ではあまり知られていない良作です。

A2 - He's Drinking Tequila

A3 - Teach Me Please

A5 - At The Savoy

B1 - No Sir, Thank You Very Much

B3 - Live In Love