Marcelo Ganem ‎– Serra Do Jequitibá

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Label:Marcelo Ganem Self-released


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (only ultra light surface noise at quiet part,strongly great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scrubs on around edge,inside of gatefold sleeve is clean,totally good condition) w/2 inserts

Marcelo Ganem, the guitarist from Bahia, released this self-produced album in 1985. In addition to his pure singing voice and guitar melody that communicates with the magnificent nature, arrnged by Carlos Pita and Alfredo Moura, who also participates in the reissued Bahia masterpiece "Leonardo Boccia – Homenagem", and guest perfomer such as Andréa Daltro,Dércio Marques,Luiz Assis from Bahia. Above them, the opening track, "Serra Do Jequitibá", has a great arrangement with a variety of choruses, ethereal acid folk tune"Iara" chorus with Andréa Daltro, natural MPB Style "João Das Pedras","Aquarela Do Pássaro Macuco" crosses with organic and nice beat, organic folk with bird and forest sounds, "Jurema" are especially amazing. It is probably one of the best Bahia work. Many of them are not good condition, but this is in excellent condition.

バイーアの出身の孤高のギタリストMarcelo Ganemが自主制作でリリースした85年作。壮大な自然と交信するようなギターの旋律に純情性に溢れる自身の歌声に加えCarlos Pita、リイシューもされたバイーア傑作”Leonardo Boccia ‎– Homenagem”にも参加するAlfredo Mouraの両者がアレンジを手掛けAndréa Daltro,Dércio Marques,Luiz Assisなども参加する超傑作。様々なコーラスも交え終盤のアレンジも冴える冒頭の”Serra Do Jequitibá”、Andréa Daltroとの素晴らしいコーラスを披露した幻想フォルクローレ”Iara”、自然的MPBスタイルの”João Das Pedras”,"Aquarela Do Pássaro Macuco"、鳥や森のサウンドの入るオーガニックフォーク”Jurema”など素晴らしいです。バイーア作品最高峰の一つでしょう。コンディションが悪いものが多いですが、素晴らしいコンディションで入荷しました。

A1 - Serra Do Jequitibá

A2 - João Das Pedras

A3 - Jurema

A4 - Aquarela Do Pássaro Macuco

B3 - Iara