Mar-Pa – Finale

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Label:Pony Canyon – C28R0158


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light folded crease on close to right upper corner, not bad condition) w/obi (on price tag), insert

The only work by Mar-Pa, a four-member group consisting of members with cross-border sensibilities such as Gaku Nakamura (ex Wind Travelin' Band) and Tadasu Yoshida (ex Kakusenjyo No Ongaku). Produced/sounded by Seigen Ono. The entire album features a stateless ethno sound based on percussion and drum include tribal electronics "Lyric Stone" that like a rushing through a dense forest, minimal jazz-rock style "Roma" with synth tones that seem to spread out to the ocean. Highly recommend listening to the vinyl version, where you can hear the powerful and deep mix by Seigen Ono. Due to the CD transition period, LP versions is hard to find.

中村岳 (ex Wind Travelin' Band)、Tadasu Yoshida (ex 架空線上の音楽)など越境的な感性を持ったメンバーで編成された4人組グループMar-Paの唯一作。プロデュース/音響面は小野誠彦。密林を突き進んでいくようなトライバル・エレクトロニクス”Lyric Stone”、どこまでもシンセの音色が広がるような海原系ミニマル・ジャズロック”Roma”などパーカッションとドラムを軸にした無国籍エスノサウンドを全編に収録。小野誠彦の力強く奥行きのあるミックスをダイレクトに聞けるレコード盤を推薦。CD転換期につきLP盤は稀少となっています。

A1 - So-So

A2 - Roma

A3 - A Song Of The Land

A4 - Finale

B2 - Lyric Stone

B3 - Cris-chan