Makoto Okai = 岡井真 – 38 Hemenway Street

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Label:PolyGram – RL1003


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wears, good condition overall)

Private jazz piece of 1983, in which friends and family summarized the unreleased sound source of guitarist Makoto Okai who died in an unexpected accident. It's simply good work that shows his mastery of various jazz styles, includes smooth and tight excellent jazz tune "F", the "Boogie Boo" that seems to be a fusion of abstract texture and dynamism, and the groovy "X Day" that develops with a thrilling rhythm. The address near Berkelee College of Music is the title.

不慮の事故で命を落としたギタリスト岡井真の未発表音源を友人や家族がまとめた83年の自主製作盤。様々なジャズのスタイルに精通していたのが伝わる好作品で、スムースかつタイトな展開の”F”、アブストラクトな質感とダイナミズムが融合したような”Boogie Boo”、スリリングなリズムで展開するグルーヴィーな”X Day”は特に秀逸。バークレー音楽学院近くの住所がタイトルになっています。

A1 - Boogie Boo

A2 - Pelikan

A4 - F

B1 - X Day

YouTube link to a recording made by us in comparable condition