Magindanao ‎– Music Of The Magindanao In The Philippines

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Label: Ethnic Folkways Library ‎– FE 4536


Used 2×Vinyl 1961

Disc:VG+ (surface noise as vintage record,totally plays fine)

Jacket:VG+ (only light dent/scrubs, totally clean) w/booklet

A double-vinyl album of recordings of traditional music from Maguindanao, a province in central Mindanao in the southern Philippines, from Ethnic Folkways Library. The A/B side focuses on gong music, while the C/D side focuses on songs. It was written by José Maceda, a researcher of Asian ethnic music. Especially recommend to listen to a pleasant gong exchange and a prayer song that conveys a sense of urgency. Excellent content.

Ethnic Folkways Libraryからのフィリピン南部ミンダナオ島中部にある州マギンダナオの伝統音楽を収録した二枚組の録音集。A/B面はゴング音楽をC/D面は歌に焦点を当てた内容。手掛けているのはアジアの民族音楽研究家José Maceda。心地よいゴングの掛け合いや緊迫感の伝わる祈りを捧げる歌などが聴き所。素晴らしい内容。

A1 - Duyug Mode On The Whole Ensemble

A12 - Sinulug Mode On The Kulintang

A13 - Tidtu Mode On The Whole Ensemble

B1 - Tidtu Mode On The Kulintang - Danden Style

B14 - Tinumbuk A Tinadtar

C3 - Bang (Adhan)

C6 - Allahu Rabbuna

D11 - Tangkel

D12 - Duyug Mode On A Toy Piano