Mademoiselle Ai = マドモアゼル・愛 - Rainbow Meditation

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Used Cassette 19??

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

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A cassette tape for meditation supervised by astrologer Mademoiselle Ai and produced by Yoshinori Torii. The A-side is "Rainbow Meditation," which recommend listening to every night, and the B-side is "Inspire," whichrecommend listening to when you feel unsure or lonely. Interesting work from a New Age perspective, and the A-side is especially recommended.

占星術師 マドモアゼル・愛が監修を手掛け鳥居芳紀が制作した瞑想の為のカセットテープ。A面は毎晩聞く事を推奨している”虹の瞑想”、B面には自信を無くした時や淋しい気分の時に聞く”インスパイヤー”を収録。ニューエイジ視点的にもなかなか面白い作品。A面が特にオススメです。

A - 虹の瞑想

B - インスパイヤー