M.Tosikaz – M.Tosikaz I

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Used 12" 45rpm

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuff, totally clean) 

12" single by M.Tosikaz, an alias of Kazutoshi Miura, a composer/arranger who has worked with many famous artists. It's a definite piece that produced by Fujimaru Yoshino and arranged by Makoto Matsushita. Fujimaru Yoshino's AOR style "Friday Night", Makoto Matsushita's arrangement of "Tokyo Flight", and the highlight of the album, the mellow number "Wedding Bell". All 5 tunes with a wonderful adult and Breezin atmosphere. The sound quality is excellent at 45rpm.

多くの著名アーティストを手掛けている作曲家/編曲家 三浦一年の別名義M.Tosikazによる12インチシングル。プロデュースは芳野藤丸が手掛けアレンジには松下誠が参加した間違いない一枚。まずは芳野藤丸らしいAOR調の”Friday Night"、緩急をつけた味わい深い松下誠アレンジ”Tokyo Flight”、そしてハイライトのメロウ・ナンバー”Wedding Bell”。色気に富んだ素晴らしい全5曲。45回転で音質も極上。

A2 - Tokyo Flight

B1 - Friday Night

B2 - Wedding Bell