Luli E Lucina – Timbres Temperos

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Label:Somda – SMD-002/86


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at mainly silent part, not bad condition)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs, light water stain on back, totally not bad condition as brazilian cover) w/insert

1986 album by the duo Lucina and Luli, who are widely known for their great dreamy acid folk piece. About 8 years have passed since the first album, and although the mellowness can sometimes be felt, the style has changed to a more indigenous, sophisticated, and experimental. Among the highlights are "Pixaim" with its fragrant percussion and kalimba from Lucina, São Paulo-style experimental tune "Bugre" with synths, "Conversinha" filled with spirituality and mellow folky tune "Sereia Do Leblon" with beautiful vocals. It is easier to obtain than the previous two works, but this content is also recommended.

傑作ドリーミーアシッドフォーク作品で広く知られるLucinaとLuliのデュオによる86年作。そのファーストから約8年を経て時折そのメロウネスを感じるもののより土着、洗練、実験精神を積み重ねた作風に変化。中でもLucinaのパーカッションやカリンバが香り立つように浮かび上がる”Pixaim”、シンセを取り入れたサンパウロ派にも通じるような実験的な”Bugre”、スピリチュアルに満ちた”Conversinha”、美しい歌声を聞かせるメロウ・フォーキー路線”Sereia Do Leblon”は秀逸。前二作に比べて手に入りやすいですが、こちらの内容も推しです。

A3 - Pixaim

A5 - Denguinho De Manhã

A6 - Bugre

B1 - Quem Sabe De Mim

B3 - Conversinha

B5 - Suba Na Baleia

B6 - Pacto