Luis Pérez - Ipan In Xiktli Metzli, México Mágico Cósmico, En El Ombligo De La Luna

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Label: Kopilli ‎– 0000


Used LP 1981 Gatefold First Eddition

Disc:VG+ (B side has light click noise, silent noise at quiet part as vintage record, totally not bad shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/wrinkles)

Mexican extraordinary musician Luis Pérez. After researching traditional musical instruments and music, he interacted with indigenous peoples, and here is a historical work that combines the results of reproduction, lectures, exhibitions, and recordings of musical instruments represented by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations with electronic music. A number of experimental sounds produced by combining these ancient instruments with wind instruments, percussion, tape delays, electronic guitars, synths, and more. It’s regarded as the originator of ethno-jazz/experimental music, and at the same time, be amazed at the perfection of music quality. Precious 1st edition. It has been in stock for a long time.

メキシコが生んだ稀代の音楽家Luis Pérez。伝統楽器や音楽のリサーチの果てに先住民族とも交流を持ちマヤ文明、アステカ文明に代表される時代の楽器の再現、レクチャー、展示、レコーディングの成果と電子音楽を結び付けた歴史的作品がこちら。その古代楽器に管楽器、パーカッション、テープディレイ、電子ギター、シンセなどを組み合わせて制作された実験的音響の数々。エスノ・ジャズ/エクスペリメンタルの始祖とも評されるのと同時にこの完成度にも聞く度に驚かされます。貴重な1stエディション。久々の入荷です。

A1 - Suite Al Culto Solar - In Altepetl Tonal

A2 - Suite Al Culto Solar - Xochiyaoyoloh

A3 sample 1

A3 sample 2

B1 sample 1

B1 sample 2