Luis De Pablo – We (Nosotros)

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Label:Clave – 18-5001 S


Used LP 1970

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise/like pops sounds at some part due to delicate sound, looks clean and plays nice, please check audio samples, we judge VG+)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs around corner, totally good condition)

Master work in 1970 by Luis De Pablo, a leading Spanish genius/unique musician who is still active over 90 years old. This music concrete work is said to be a problematic work that mixes various landscapes, electronic sounds, sutra readings, and performances using an instrumental method that he learned almost entirely by himself. A lot of sound fragments that are eerie yet human. Amazing.

90歳を超えて尚現役で活動するスペインを代表する奇才音楽家Luis De Pabloの70年作。ほぼ独学で覚えたという楽器法によって様々な風景、電子音、読経、演奏などが混ぜ合わせられた問題作と語られるミュージックコンクリート作品。不気味な中にも人間味のある音の断片を是非感じてみて下さい。すっごい。

A Sample 1

A Sample 2

A Sample 3

B Sample 1

B Sample 2