Luis Borda - Arrabal Amargo

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Label:Melopea Discos - DM 031


Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (has light surface noise at begginig A1/B1 tracks, other parts are good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wears, good condition)

Melopea piece in 1989 by Luis Borda, a guitalist of Tango Nuevo that incorporates new elements into traditional tango rhythms. It contains tango tunes with various rhythms, among them, B1"Arrabal Amargo" that can be expressed as abstract tango, neat and elegant A1/B3 are especially excellent. Litto Nebbia's skill also shines through in this sophisticated and unknown piece of Melopea.

伝統的なタンゴのリズムに新しい要素が取り入れられたTango NuevoのギタリストLuis Bordaの89年作。様々なリズムのタンゴ曲が収録されていて、中でもアブストラクト・タンゴとでも表現できそうなB1"Arrabal Amargo"、端正でエレガントなA1/B3など秀逸。Litto Nebbiaの手腕も光るMelopeaらしい洗練された知られざる一枚です。

A1 - Romance De Negros

B1 - Arrabal Amargo

B3 - Milonga De La Manana

B4 - Loca Bohemia