Lucho Gonzalez/Carlos Aguirre - Tejido A Mano

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Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, only slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, please check audio samples from beggining part)

Jacket:VG+ (white scuffs, light wrinkles, think it's in better condition than some of the copies we've seen, please check photos)

Composer/Pianist/Guitarist Carlos Aguirre from Argentina who manipulates delicate sounds and attracts many fans with its aesthetic worldview music and drives the Folklore scene, and Luco Gonzalez, a guitarist from Lima, Peru, has been active in Argentina while working with Litto Nebia, Lito Vitale, Bernardo Baraj and others since the 1980s. This release is from Litto Nebia's Melopea in 1990. The music led by the old and new folklore leaders seems to reflect emotions and life. True masterpiece. Now in back stock.

繊細な音色を操りその耽美的な世界観で幾多のファンを魅了しフォルクローレシーンを牽引するアルゼンチン出身のコンポーザー/ピア二スト Carlos Aguirreと80年代よりLitto Nebia,Lito Vitale,Bernardo Barajなどと活動を共にしながら長くアルゼンチンで活動してきたペルー・リマ出身のギタリストLucho Gonzalezが90年にご存じLitto NebbiaのレーベルMelopeaより発表した一枚。新旧のフォルクローレの牽引者同士が導き合う音楽は喜怒哀楽そして正に人生を写し込んだかのよう。傑作中の傑作。奇跡の再入荷。

A1 - Cuando Yo Me Transforme

A2 - Parece Cielo

A4 - Tejido A Mano

B1 - Tratando De Crecer

B2 - Buenos Dias Pamela

B3 - Presintiendo