Lubomyr Melnyk ‎– Lubomyr Melnyk Performs KMH

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Label:Music Gallery Editions – MGE 18/WRC1-1524


Used LP 1979

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise as silent sound, looks clean and good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (some wears, not bad condition) w/insert

A master piece in 1979 by Ukrainian composer/pianist Lubomyr Melnyk. Recorded in 1977 and inspired by the experience of modern ballet, which he describes as "opening up a new world" when he lived in Paris in 1974, this is minimal music with a melody called "continuous music," which refers to the gradually changing musicality described on the back. A total of 50 minutes drawn with a delicate touch and spun out like euphoria. Just wonderful.

ウクライナ出身の作曲家/ピアニストLubomyr Melnykが79年に発表した名作。74年のパリ在住時に”新しい世界が広がった”と語るモダンバレエの体験からのインスピレーションを元に制作された77年録音作品で、裏面に記載された徐々に変化をする音楽性を指す”連続音楽”なる旋法のミニマルミュージック。緻密なタッチで描かれ、陶酔するように紡ぎ出される全50分。ただただ素晴らしいのひとこと。全体的にチリパチします。

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A Sample 2

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B Sample 1

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