Los Angeles Orchestra ‎– Inspiration

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Label:Dany Record


Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (slight surface/crack noise at some part, please check audio sample,totally good condition)

Jacket:VG+ (age scrubs/wrinkle,light black wear on back, not bad condition,please check the photos)

‘90 unknown fusion album by the Los Angeles Orchestra by Saimen, another name for Il Guardiano Del Faro, also known as the masterpiece "Oasis", which is cataloged in Italy's Dany Record, where library works such as Miriam Bordoni and The Hover's are hidden. Probably this is also a library work. Among them, "Welcome U," a Balearic fusion tune with an impressive fresh sound of electric piano, "Platinum," which is full of new age feeling, "Inspiration" an urban fusion tune are excellent however recommend to listen throughout. It's also good for this spring season.

Miriam BordoniやThe Hover'sなどのライブラリー作品が潜むイタリアDany Recordにカタログされている、名作"Oasis"でも知られるIl Guardiano Del Faroの別名義Saimenが手掛けるLos Angeles Orchestraによる90年の知られざるフュージョンアルバム。おそらくこちらもライブラリー作品かと推測されます。中でもエレピの瑞々しい音が印象的なバレアリック・フュージョン的な”Welcome U”、ニューエイジ感覚溢れる”Platinum”、アーバン・フュージョン”Inspiration”あたりいいですが全体を通して聞いて貰えると思います。これからの季節的にもハマりそうですね。

A1 - Welcome U

A3 - Notte Dei Poeti

B1 - Inspiration

B2 - Angels Dream