L'Orch. Super Mazembe – Mazembe Double Gold

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Label:Editions Mazembe – EMALP-0540


Used 2×LP 1980 

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, pressing error between B1 and B2 but it has almost no effect on the sound, strongly good condition as african record)

Jacket:VG+ (it's like a handmade jacket with paper pasted on it, good condition overall, has light scuffs, VG+ condition)

L'Orch. Super Mazembe was formed in the late 60's, became popular in Nairobi in the mid 70's, and made their international debut in the 80's. This is double vinyl album that includes "Kaivaska" in 1982, which was released in Europe, and 4 tracks that were released as singles. In particular, there's tropical soukousu "Nanga" with warm atmosphere, lively Afro-samba "Samba", rhythmic groove of the drum corps that makes your body sway in "Kassongo", and soukousu number "Shauri Yako" that builds from a tropical atmosphere to a feverish one, are recommended. This is a release on the band's own label, distributed by local label A.I.T. Records, perhaps for the purpose of distribution to Kenya.

60年代後半に結成され、70年代半ばには首都ナイロビを拠点に人気を博し80年を境に国際デヴューも遂げたグループL'Orch. Super Mazembe。本作はヨーロッパなどでもリリースされた82年の”Kaivaska”とシングルにてリリースされた4曲を収録した二枚組アルバム。とりわけ優雅な雰囲気のトロピカル・スークース”Nanga"、躍動するアフロ・サンバ"Samba"、ドラム隊のリズミックなグルーヴで思わず身体が揺れる”Kassongo”、トロピカルな雰囲気から熱気を帯びてくるスークース・ナンバー"Shauri Yako"などは特に推薦。ケニヤへの流通の目的か、ご当地レーベルA.I.T. Recordsがディストリビュートをてがけたバンド自身のレーベルからのリリース。

A2 - Kassongo 

A3 - Nanga 

B2 - Samba

B4 - Mokano 

C2 - Pepepe

D2 - Shauri Yako