Lobo Meigo - S/T

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Label:Dansa Do Som


Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

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Lobo Meigo, a Portuguese four-piece indie band, released their only album in 1990. Produced by Nuno Canavarro, who leaves masterpieces such as Plux Quba/Mr. Wollogallu. Impression that the band sound has been raised one step further while leaving its own musicality like the work produced by Suso Saiz in neighboring Spain. Among them, "Sonâmbulos", which has a mysterious jazz with new age taste is outstanding, and there are also the elegant A3 "Maio" and smooth indie new wave B2 "Degrau A Degrau". A good piece that not many people know about.

ポルトガルの4人組インディーバンドLobo Meigoの90年の唯一作。プロデュースにはPlux Quba/Mr. Wollogalluなどの名作を残すNuno Canavarroが担当。お隣スペインのSuso Saiz手掛けるプロデュース作品の様に自らの音楽性を残しつつバンドサウンドを一歩先の領域へ引き上げている印象。中でもB1のニューエイジの触感を残したミステリアスなジャズのような佇まいの”Sonâmbulos”が秀逸、他にも優雅に漂うA3"Maio”や上品なインディニューウェーブB2"Degrau A Degrau"など知る人ぞ知る好作品。

A3 - Maio

B1 - Sonâmbulos

B2 - Degrau A Degrau