Lino Capra Vaccina Ensemble – Sulla Corda Di Luce (Racconto Sonoro Spazio Temporale)

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Label: Musicando


Used CD 1998

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Italian percussionist Lino Capra Vaccina, known for founding member of the supercontinent music group Aktuala, his first solo work "Antico Adagio", which was recently reissued with surprise, and his masterpiece on Lynx Records. This is the second album by the six-piece ensemble, which he led in the 1990s. A total of 7 tunes full of nourishment that transcends all genres as if he fully illuminated the history of the past. Just incredible.

超大陸音楽集団Aktualaの設立メンバー、近年驚きを持ってリイシューもされたファーストソロ作”Antico Adagio”、Lynx Recordsからの傑作で知られる打楽器奏者Lino Capra Vaccina。本作は90年代に二枚のアルバムを残している彼が率いた6人編成アンサンブルの二作目に当たる98年作。これまでの歩みを照らし出したかのようなあらゆるジャンルを超越した滋養に満ち満ちた全7曲。凄すぎます。

T1 - Mythos

T2 - Alla Luce Della Luna

T3 - Sulla Corda Di Luce

T5 - Eufonia