Linda / Dakpa ‎– Banda Polyphony

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Label:Philips ‎– UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World


Used LP 1976

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A masterpiece of the UNESCO series, documenting a polyphonic ensemble of the Banda people, one of the main ethnic groups of the Central African Republic. Among the best is B3 "Suite For The Mbaya Ensemble", a free ensemble of giant horn-like instruments called "Ongo", percussion,flutes,etc., other tracks include like a orchestral symphony A1 "Music For Ongo Ensemble, Eighteen Horns And A Pair Of Jingles", which is over 10 minutes long, A2 "Music For Dancing, Gboyo Two Lenga" with percussion rhythm. Amazing!

中央アフリカ共和国の主要民族のひとつバンダ族のポリフォニー集団合奏を記録したユネスコシリーズの名作。中でもオンゴと呼ばれる巨大ホルンのような楽器、打楽器、笛などのフリー・アンサンブルB3”Suite For The Mbaya Ensemble”が絶品、他にも管楽オーケストラのような10分を超えるA1”Music For Ongo Ensemble, Eighteen Horns And A Pair Of Jingles”,打楽器のリズムがダンスを誘うA2”Music For Dancing, Gboyo Two Lenga”など指折りの内容。

A1 - Music For Ongo Ensemble

A2 - Eighteen Horns And A Pair Of Jingles

A3 - Music For Dancing

A7 - Mvrele Ensemble

B3 - Suite For The Mbaya Ensemble