Lilly Tchiumba – N'Zambi É Deus

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Label:Estúdio – ELPS 171


Used LP 1973 Gatefold

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise, totally good shape) 

Jacket:VG+ (on stamp, light wears/stain, totally not bad condition)

A collection of songs composed by Lilly Tchiumba, a female singer from Angola who was a Portuguese colony for 500 years, based on traditional Angola stories and music. Sung in Kimbundu, which is one of the national languages and accompaniment such as viola, ngoma, and kabakapuita, the biggest listening point is promitive and modern atmosphere that may have been influenced by fado and western music while having a traditional tune. Among them, the gentle tension A2 "Mona Ki N'Gui Xissa", B2 "Monami" and the groovy A4 "Manazinha", A1 "N'Zambi" are great. Jacket is also lovely. Portugal Original.

500年に渡りポルトガルの植民地であったアンゴラ出身の女性シンガーLilly Tchiumbaがアンゴラの伝統的な物語や音楽を元に作曲した歌集。ビオラ、ンゴマ、カバカプイタなどの伴奏と国語のひとつであるキンブンドゥ語で歌われ、トラッドな雰囲気ながらもファドや西洋音楽に影響を受けたプリミティブかつモダンな雰囲気が最大の聞き所。中でも穏やかなテンションのA2”Mona Ki N'Gui Xissa”,B2”Monami”やグルーヴィなA4”Manazinha”,A1"N'Zambi"あたり素晴らしいです。ジャケも素敵。ポルトガルオリジナル。

A1 - N'Zambi

A2 - Mona Ki N'Gui Xissa

A3 - N'Gongo Giami

A4 - Manazinha

B2 - Monami