Lilian Saba - Musica de Fasios Folklorica

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Label:Melopea Discos


Used Cassette 1993

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Case&Sleeve:VG+ (age scrubs,totally clean) 

A debut album released on Melopea in 1993 by Lilián Saba, one of Argentina's leading musicians and pianists, who studied composition and piano under Manolo Juarez and later taught at Folklore. An unknown good work that is backed up by top musicians and plays soft and gentle performances based on the rhythm of tango and folklore.

Manolo Juarezの元に身を置き作曲やピアノを学び、後にはフォルクローレの教鞭を取るなどアルゼンチンを代表する音楽家/ピアニストの1人Lilián Sabaの93年にMelopeaよりリリースされたデヴュー作。一流ミュージシャンのバックアップに携え、タンゴやフォルクローレのリズムを基調に終始柔らかく優しい演奏を奏でている知られざる好作品。

A2 - Dos Palabras

B4 - Carnavalito Del Duende

To check playback and prevent deterioration, each recording is a full sound sample