Leny Andrade – Alvoroço

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Label:Odeon – SMOFB-3794


Used LP 1973

Disc:VG+ (looks few scuffs, but generally in good condition and plays well, please check audio clips)

Jacket:VG+ (It has writting lightly T by red pen but it does not stand out so much, totally not bad condition, please check photos, no cut/break)

In the late 1950s, jazz singer Leny Andrade gradually emerged while singing at sessions at Rio's nightclub called Beco Das Gafferhas, Baccarat (a trio of Sergio Mendes) and Bottles Bar. This album is also known as the work that passed through the samba/jazz period and enhanced her reputation as an MPB singer, and is  considered to be one of her best works in 1973, with the participation of many of the leading arrangers of the era, including Arthur Verocai. Totally so wonderful piece that make swoon, in particular, Luiz Claudio's arrangement A2 "Moto 1" with its beautiful melody and vocals accentuated by the light rhythmic part in the middle that makes you sway involuntarily, Velocai's arrangement of A3 "Não Tem Perdão" smooth and shimmers, B2 "Não Adianta" has a groovy rhythm section and dynamic vocals, elegant and saudade extremity B4 “Postal” are recommended to start listening. Both cover and contents are worthy of being called a treasure. 

1950年後半、ベッコ・ダス・ガファーハスと呼ばれるリオのナイト・クラブやボトルズ・バーでのセッション、セルジオ・メンデスのバンド等で歌いながら徐々に頭角を現す存在となっていったジャズシンガーLeny Andrade。本作はサンバ/ジャズ期を通過しMPB歌手としての評価も高めた作品としても知られレンジも広まり、ヴェロカイ始め時代を代表するアレンジャーが多数参加した彼女の最高傑作の一つとされる73年作。もううっとりするほどに素晴らしい曲ばかりですが、特に思わず身体が揺れる中盤の軽やかなリズムパートをアクセントに美しい旋律とヴォーカルが重なるLuiz ClaudioアレンジA2”Moto 1”、滑らかなで極彩の揺らめきを魅せるArthur VerocaiアレンジA3”Não Tem Perdão”、軽快なリズムセクションと躍動的なヴォーカルが印象的なB2”Não Adianta”、エレガントかつサウダージの極みB4”Postal”辺りから聞いてみて下さい。ジャケ、内容共に絶品と呼ぶにふさわしい作品。盤も良好な部類。家宝にどうぞ。

A2 - Moto 1

A3 - Não Tem Perdão

A6 - Sou O Amor, Faço A Vida

B1 - O Lôbo Na Estepe

B2 - Não Adianta

B4 - Postal