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Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only slight surface noise at mainly quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light/ring scuffs, not bad condition)

Lelo Nazario. He was invited to the Hermeto Pascoal group with his brother Zé Eduardo Nazario at the age of 17 due to his admiration for avant-garde music from an early age and later formed Grupo Um. This album was recorded in 1987, about five years after his first solo album. That sound is jazz and fusion with more experimental elements that shifts to a more band-style. In particular, "Anonima" which seems to sublimate the energy of Amazonian origin into free jazz, "Se..." in which the undulating improvisation gradually builds up heat, and the avant-garde high-speed fusion "O Elo Perpétuo" are great. Wouldn't be surprised at all if it was released by ECM or JAPO.

幼い頃から前衛的な音楽への憧れからわずか17歳で兄のZé Eduardo Nazarioと共にHermeto Pascoalグループに招かれ、その後に結成したGrupo Umでの活動でも知られる異能音楽家/ピアニストLelo Nazario。本作は82年のソロ初作から約5年後の87年の録音作品。よりバンド編成にシフトした実験的要素が増したフュージョン~ジャズを展開していて、中でもアマゾン由来のエネルギーをフリージャズ的に昇華したような”Anonima”、うねるようにインプロビゼーションが次第に熱を帯びてくる”Se...”、アヴァンギャルドな高速フュージョン”O Elo Perpétuo”など濃密な内容。ECMやJAPOなどからリリースされていても全く不思議ではないです。

A2 - Anonima

B1 - Sete Léguas

B2 - O Elo Perpétuo

B3 - Se...