Lee Joo Won = 이주원 – For Our Love Sake

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Label:Jigu Records – JLS-1202523

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1992

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+/EX (slight wear on back, very clean overall) w/insert

Korean military song album⁉ This is a soundtrack of "Our Heaven", a youth drama set on a college campus that was aired from 1990 to 1994. Produced by composer Sohn Moo Hyun, who also joined Yunsang's Balearic masterpiece and many other mellow works in the 90s. This album also features mainly ballad pop to downtempo songs full of sweetness and mellowness. A2's theme song "아껴둔 사랑을 위해", which is still gaining a lot of popularity is not bad, however the vocal tunes B4/A4/A6 and the instrumental tunes A3/B3 are particularly excellent. Guess it's still an unknown piece that is not well known. There are many great mellow works in the 90's.

韓国の軍歌もの⁉ではなく90年から94年に放映された大学キャンパスを背景にした青春ドラマ「私たちの天国」のサウンドトラック(と思われます)。プロデュースはYunsangのバレアリック名作や90年代に多くのメロウ作品を残しているコンポーザーSohn Moo Hyun。この作品でもスウィート/メロウネスに溢れたバラードポップ~ダウンテンポを中心に収録。今なお多くの支持を得ているA2のテーマ曲”아껴둔 사랑을 위해”も悪くないですが、ヴォーカルの入るB4/A4/A6にインスト曲A3/B3が秀逸。まだまだ知名度のない知られざる一枚かと思います。90年代のコリアンメロウ作品には目を見張るものが多いです。

A1 - (시련 I (드라마 우리들의 천국 中 Instrumental)

A2 - 아껴둔 사랑을 위해

A3 - 회상 Instrumental

A4 - 또 다른 時間속에서

A6 - 너를 잊을거야

B3 - 환희

B4 - 자유로운 날

B5 - 돌아갈래