Leda Valladares – Folklore De Rancho

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Label:Opus Gala – OTF-15002


Used LP 1972

Disc:VG+ (feel surface/back noise at some parts, totally not bad shape) 

Jacket:VG+/VG (scuffs on side of sleeve, totally good condition)

Born in northern Argentina, Leda Valladares is a singer and songwriter who has devoted her life to the discovery and development of traditional folk music, and is also a poet and folklorist. She is also known as a mediator between various genres, as evidenced by her work on the traditionally inspired compilation "Grito En El Cielo" featuring Pedro Aznar, Fito Páez, and Liliana Herrero. This work is based on various traditional folk songs released in 1972, and is a sound landscape formed by vocals, rhythms, and various folk instruments that are not old-fashioned in terms of music and are convincing. We think it is one of important work in Argentina, which has a variety of histories and traditions.

アルゼンチン北部に生まれ民族音楽の発掘/発展に生涯を捧げ、詩人や民俗学者の顔も持つ歌手/ソングライターLeda Valladares。彼女が手掛けたPedro Aznar,Fito Páez,Liliana Herreroが参加した伝統にインスピレーションを得たコンピレーション”Grito En El Cielo”などでもわかる様々なジャンルとの懸け橋を築いた人物としても知られています。本作は72年リリースの伝統的な民謡を元に、音楽的な側面でも決して古臭くはなく説得力のあるヴォーカル、リズム、様々な民族楽器が一体となったフォルクローレ絵巻。バンドネオンはDino Saluzzi。様々な歴史・伝統を持つアルゼンチンにおいても重要な作品の一つだと思います。

A1 - Chacarera

A5 - Baguala De Tucuman

B2 - Vidala Riojana

B4 - Baguala Salteña

B6 - Vidala "De Lejas Tierras"