Lady Zu – Fêmea Brasileira

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Label:Philips – 6349.410


Used LP 1979

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at mainly quiet part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/creases, slight ring wear, small tag on back, totally nice condition as Brazilian cover)

Second album in 1979 by Brazilian singer Lady Zu from Sao Paulo. At the time, record companies were trying to bring the international trend of nightclubs to Brazil, and this disco/samba album continued the trend with a follow-up to the first album. The conductor is Luiz Roberto Oliveira of Mandala, and the backing lineup includes Luis Vagner, Marku, Nelson Ayres, and Claudio Bertrami. The album includes "Dançar Louca" and "Disco Dance", both released as singles, the danceable "Força Do Pensamento", the mid-boogie "Valeu A Pena", our recommended wired tunes "Boneca De Pixe" with Luis Vagner and title track "Fêmea Brasileira". A great piece of high perfection.

サンパウロ出身のシンガーLady Zuの79年のセカンドアルバム。当時、レコード会社はナイトクラブの国際的な流行をブラジルにももたらそうとした一貫でファーストに続き本作でもその姿勢を継続したディスコ/サンバ作品。コンダクターにはMandalaのLuiz Roberto Oliveira、バックにもLuis Vagner,Marku,Nelson Ayres,Claudio Bertramiなど豪華な布陣。シングルにもなっている"Dançar Louca",Disco Dance”を筆頭にダンサンブルな”Força Do Pensamento”、ミッド・ブギー”Valeu A Pena”、当店的にはLuis Vagnerをフィーチャーした”Boneca De Pixe”やタイトル曲”Fêmea Brasileira”の捻りの効いた楽曲まで高い完成度の名作です。

A1 - Dança Louca

A2 - Disco Dance

A4 - Força Do Pensamento

A5 - Valeu A Pena

A6 - Boneca De Pixe

B1 - Fêmea Brasileira

B3 - Um Pra Lá, Dois Pra Cá

B4 - Hora Da União