La Nopalera – La Rabia Dominio Público

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Label:Discos Arte – YS-7005


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at mainly quiet part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light damage on left upper conrner, rest of parts normally clean)

In the late 70's, La Nopalera began to work like with Sacbe, synonymous Mexican jazz/fusion, and in the group Arturo Cipriano was the core member, along with Gererdo Batiz, Marco Antonio Morel (ex Astillero), Marcial Alejandro, Cecilia Toussait (ex Sacbe), and many other young musicians of the time. This is a final album and our best of them. First of all, the mellow Latin jazz "Soledad" sung by Cecilia Engelhardt, which is indispensable for Batiz's work, is simply wonderful on Gererdo Batiz/Arturo Ciprian score. In addition, smooth jazz "Nuestro Tiempo" by Marcial Alejandro,  tropical type of jazz"El Negro Cantor" featuring steelpan, classically inspired "Te Recuerdo Amanda", as well as arrangements by Ruben Blades and Chico Buarque. The songs have a wide range of crossover senses, as if they were characterized by freedom, and also lead to the post-1980 activities of each of the musicians. The label Discos Arte, on which Sacbe, Cristal, and others have released their music.

70年代後半にメキシカンジャズ/フュージョンの代名詞Sacbeと活動を共にするようにArturo Ciprianoを中心にGererdo Batiz, Marco Antonio Morel (ex Astillero), Marcial Alejandro, Cecilia Toussait(ex Sacbe)など、当時の若手演奏家がメンバーに名を連ねたグループLa Nopaleraの80年の最終アルバムにして最高傑作。まずGererdo Batiz/Arturo CiprianスコアにBatiz作品には欠かせないCecilia Engelhardtが歌うメロウ・ラテン・ジャズ”Soledad”がとにかく素晴らしい。他にもMarcial Alejandroスコアの滑らかなジャズを聞かせる”Nuestro Tiempo”、スチールパンをフィーチャーしたトロピカル・ジャズ”El Negro Cantor”、クラシカルな雰囲気の漂う”Te Recuerdo Amanda”からRuben BladesやChico Buarqueのアレンジ曲まで。自由を特徴に活動していた通りの幅広いクロスオーヴァー感覚に加え各人の80年以降の活動にも通じていくような曲群。彼らの拠点となっていたDiscos Arteレーベルからのリリース。

A1 - Pablo Pueblo

A2 - Canción Del Maleante

A3 - Nuestro Tiempo

A4 - Milongo

B2 - Soledad

B3 - El Negro Cantor

B4 - Te Recuerdo Amanda