Kyoko Koizumi = 小泉今日子 – Koizumi In The House

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Label:Victor – VCH-10467


Used Cassette 1989

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Case:VG+ (slight scuffs/wears, good category) w/insert

Top idol/actress Kyoko Koizumi's 1989 house music production with Haruo Chikada at her own suggestion. Although the album seems to have received mixed reviews, it contains some good tracks such as "Kyon Kyon wa Futsu" and "Micro Wave". This cassette version is as rare as the LP version.

トップアイドル/女優 小泉今日子が自身の提案で近田春夫を迎え制作した89年のハウス・ミュージック作品。意見は真っ二つのようですが、”Kyon Kyonはフツー”や”マイクロWave”など良曲を収録しています。LP版同様に稀少となっているカセット版。