Kunitaka Sato = 里国隆 – 奄美の哭きうた

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Label:Teichiku Records – BH-1527


Used LP 1975

Disc:VG+/VG (some scratches/marks/hairlines, check audio clips) 

Jacket:VG+/VG (stains/wears) w/insert, missing obi

Kunitaka Sato, born in 1918 on Amami Oshima Island, he lost his sight in childhood and was taught to play "Utasanshin" (the style of playing and singing by the performers themselves) by his grandfather who was famous performer there. From the age of 12, he followed a merchant selling camphor (a natural insect repellant) while playing the lyre, and learned how to make and play the zither (Koto). After drifting ashore in Okinawa after a long period of wandering, he was discovered by Rinsuke Teruya and Ro Takenaka, and this record was released in 1975. His intense voice sung as if he were moaning, the indescribable tone of his own Koto combined with his singing on Utasanshin, the history of various traditional arts indigenous to Japan, and the groove borned in the course of his peculiar life. He was 57 years old at the time, and this was his first published work after 40 years of wandering. We think there was a considerable hardship to reach here. True lifetime piece, including the commentary by Ro Takenaka. Although there are some small scratches, it's an original copy that you are still enjoyable. No obi with insert.


A2 - カンツメ節

A3 - 野茶坊

A4 - 俊金節

A6 - 花染

B1 - イキュンニャカナ

B3 - 朝ばな-はやり節-

B4 - くるだんど

B5 - 六調