Kumiko Yoshitomi ‎– Piano Works In Kyusyu Vol.1

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Label:Cube Record


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (looks perfect but light surface noise)

Jacket:VG+ (nice condition) w/insert

A mysterious self-released piano collection released in 1983 for the monthly Nude Drawing and Terracotta event, with a score by Yoichi Usami, piano by Kumiko Yoshitomi, and bass by Yoshimi Ishimaru. The sound that conveys the sharpened sensibility and tension that seems to be released from ALM Records.

月に一度開かれていたというヌードデッサンとテラコッタの為に制作された83年リリースの謎に包まれたピアノ音源集。Yoichi Usamiなる人物がスコア、Kumiko Yoshitomiがピアノ、Yoshimi Ishimaruがベースを担当。ALM Records辺りからリリースされていそうな研ぎ澄まされた感性と緊張感が伝わる作品。

A1 - Yoshiaki Mimura : Lethe 2

A2 - Ikuo Kobata:- Sequenta

B - Kenzo Kiyono : Songs, A Loom In The Sky (Prep. P & C.B.)