Kola Beldy = Кола Бельды – White Island = Белый Остров

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Label:Мелодия – С60 27841 007


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+ (Occasionally has a part that feels slight surface noise, totally good condition and plays fine, please check many audio samples)

Jacket:VG+/VG (tear on top part, light scuffs, wears, writing on back, not bad condition, please check photos)

The last album in 1989, which is especially rare by pop singer Kola Beldy from the Nanai ethnic minority who has many hit songs in the Soviet era and is well known in Europe. The unique singing voice, rhythm, and playing method that are mainly seen in the releases of the 1980s seem to have deepened, and there are a number of obscure tunes based on psychedelic/folk. Just surprising work!

ソビエト時代に数多くのヒット曲を持ちヨーロッパでもよく知られるという少数民族ナナイ族出身のポップシンガーKola Beldyによる特に稀少となっている89年のラストアルバム。主に80年代のリリースで見られるユニークな歌声、リズム、演奏方法は更に深化したような印象で、サイケデリック/フォークなどを下地にしたオブスキュア極まりない驚愕の楽曲の数々。魔界への扉を開いてくれます。驚く事に96年に日本でCD化されています。

A1 - Хозяин Леса

A3 - Возвращение Домой

A4 - К Океану

A5 - Охотник

B1 - Рыбачка

B2 - Праздник

B4 - На Нартах

B6 - Приветствие