Kiminori Atsuta = 熱田公紀 – Childhood's Memory

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Label:Shi Zen – 1342-90(28SD


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise as very quiet record, totally clean and good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light stain/scuffs, not bad condition) w/insert

Berklee College of Music graduated pianist Kiminori Atsuta's second album from Shi Zen, which is internationally known for releases by Motohiko Hamase or Masayuki Sakamoto. This neo-classical ambient work gives the impression that the sound has matured since the first release the previous year. The tunes are reminiscent of his childhood, depicting love, slumber, and expressing hide-and-seek, and the music brings to mind various scenes, no wonder he was also active as an arranger. It's rarely seen compared to the first.

濱瀬元彦や坂本昌之のリリースで国際的にも知られるShi Zenに残されたバークリー音楽院卒のピアニスト熱田公紀のセカンドアルバム。前年のファーストからより音の成熟度が増した印象を受けるネオクラシカル・アンビエント作品。幼少期に想いを馳せた楽曲、愛を描いたもの、まどろみを描いたもの、かくれんぼを表現した曲までアレンジャーとしても活動していたのも頷ける様々な情景が浮かんできます。ファーストと比べるとあまり見かけない作品です。

A1 - Childhood's Memory

A2 - Song For Love

B3 - Quiet Dream

B4 - Hide-and-seek