Kim Stone – Earth School

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Label:Prolific Records – P3553


Used LP 1989

Disc:EX (played once)

Jacket:EX (opened from dead stock copy, in shrink)

1989 first private solo work by bassist Kim Stone, who has been active since the 1970s and was a member of the fusion group The Rippingtons after this release. The entire album features a mature fusion sound that makes extensive use of synths and electronics. Starting with the smooth fusion "Purple",  followed "Susan Rene" with a sense of ambience, ambience-oriented "Susan Rene", "When All Paths Meet" with a thrilling composition, experimental style ”Namm Show, 3rd Day”, The kaleidoscopic fusion "Bob Goes To The Store" . Outstanding contents that show his history of music. It seems to have been considered a phantom, however it would be a shame if this never saw the light of day. The deadstock item has been opened, but there is a very slight wrapped that does not affect the playback.

70年代より活動を続けフュージョングループThe Rippingtonsなどにも所属していたベーシストKim Stoneのプライベートにてリリースした89年のソロ名義作品。シンセやエレクトロニクスを多用した円熟味を感じるフュージョンサウンドを全編に収録。冒頭のスムース・フュージョン”Purple”を皮切りに、アンビエンス感覚の”Susan Rene”、スリリングに組み立てられた”When All Paths Meet”、エクスペリメンタルな展開の”Namm Show, 3rd Day”、万華鏡の様に展開の入れ替わっていく”Bob Goes To The Store”などこれまでの音楽遍歴を示すような突出した内容。今まで幻とされたきたようですが、これが日の目を見ないのは勿体なさすぎます。デッドストック品を開封したものですが再生には影響の出ない極微の歪みあります。

A1 - Purple

A3 - Susan Rene

A4 - When All Paths Meet

B1 - Namm Show, 3rd Day

B2 - Bob Goes To The Store

B4 - Earth School