Kim, So-Hee = 金秀姬 - 서울女子

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Label:Hee Production – HRL-005

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wrinkles/scuffs) w/insert

1990 album by Korean singer Kim, So-Hee, who is also well known for her signature song "南行列車". The disco/funk style with a dossy singing voice and obscure-like rhythm has not changed and with a more sophisticated impression, contains tunes that have an impact, including B2/B3. Don't miss the slow mid funk of B4. Good contents.

代表曲「南行列車」でも大きく知られる韓国人シンガーKim, So-Heeによる90年作。ドスの効いた歌声とオブスキュア調のリズムのディスコ/ファンク路線は変わらず更に洗練された印象で、B2/B3始めインパクトある曲を収録しています。B4のスロー・ミッド・ファンクもお見逃しなく。いい内容です。

A2 - 자존심을 두고 떠나라

B2 - 절대로 그럴수는 없어요

B3 - 철없는 아내

B4 - 청춘 블루스