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Used LP 1987 Promo

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The first album by Killing Time, a session band started in 1982 as an experimental unit by Chakra members Bun Itakura, Ma-To, and Kazuto Shimizu. The band's sound was based on jazz and rock, but also showed elements of experimentation and ambience that would be a stepping stone to their next album "Irene". A total of four tunes that show their foresight, include title track "Skip," is 12 minutes long and shows a variety of experiments, "Roujintachi No Yume" is avant-pop with Japanese elements, "Nichibotsu" contains Japanese spiritual ambience.

82年頃よりチャクラのメンバー板倉文,Ma-To,清水一登らが実験的なユニットとして始まったセッション・バンドKilling Timeのファーストアルバム。ジャズやロックを基盤にしながらも、次作”Irene”への布石となる実験精神やアンビエンスの要素も垣間見えるサウンドを披露。様々な試みが感じ取れる約12分に及ぶ表題曲”Skip"、和的な要素の加わったアヴァンポップ”Roujintachi No Yume ”、和スピリチュアル的なアンビエンスを含んだ”Nichibotsu”など彼らの先見性を感じる全4曲。

A1 - Skip

A2 - Roujintachi No Yume (Hearing Without A Break While Not Hearing A Break)

B2 - Nichibotsu (Sunset)