Kewbie – High Quality In Myself

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Label:Mrs. Stately's Records


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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Details unknown singer? Idol? Kewbie's album in 1987. It's produced by multi-artist Katsulow Hiraoka, who has been rumored in various ways (details are omitted), and although it reminds of ”bubble” era, however it includes high-quality synth pop-ethno pop-electro type tunes. Particularly ethno wave "Time, Life, And (Now) No News" reminiscent of Marica, the urban synth-pop of both "Don't Talk to Me","In My Pool," and the obscure electro-type tune "Make My Night" are great. Released on a (presumably) private label that Katsulow Hiraoka was running.

詳細不明の歌手?アイドル?Kewbieによる87年作。詳細は割愛しますが、現在では色々とヤバめのマルチ・アーティスト平岡克朗がプロデュースを手掛け業界系の匂いやバブル期を思わせますが、質の良いシンセポップ~エスノポップ~エレクトロを全編に収録。中でもMaricaあたりを彷彿とさせるエスノ・ウェーブ”Time, Life, And (Now) No News”、アーバン・シンセポップ”話しかけないで”、”In My Pool”の両曲、オブスキュア・エレクトロ風の”Make My Night”は特に秀逸。おそらく平岡克朗が手掛けていたプライベートレーベルからのリリース。

A1 - シャワーの後で・・・

A2 - 秋のソリテュード (To Season To Season To)

A4 - Make My Night

B2 - Time, Life, And (Now) No News

B3 - 情なき処女

B4 - In My Pool