Kengo Iuchi = 井内賢吾 ‎– Utsu = 鬱

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Label:四国満都 ‎– SMCA-9


Used cassette 1995

Disc:EX (plays great)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition) No.248/300

Kengo Inai known as a release from Underground of underground label "Kubitsuri" and a self-owned label "Shikokumanto" which was named after his hometown. This is one of the independent works as cassette release in 1995. Minoru Kawabata and Yukio Fukumoto, who are indispensable to Iuchi's works, participate in this album as well, but other than a few songs, all of them were recorded by himself. It's intense content with his own vocals, acoustic guitar, reverb, noise and more. Japanese Cult Underground. Limited to 300 copies


A2 - 魂狩り

A4 - ヌラジョンカンナ

B1 - 腐った魂を白い船に乗せて

B4 - 壁土を喰う病気 (その弐)