Keiko Nosaka = 野坂 惠子,Minoru Miki = 三木稔 – Music For 20-String Koto

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Used 4×LP 1979 Total about 1.2kg

Disc:VG+/VG (has scratch part on the last H1-2 side affect to click sound, other A-G side are very clean VG++ condition)

Jacket:VG++ (clean) w/booklet (light brown wear, totally good condition)

4LP album released in 1979 by Keiko Nosaka, who has been active at the forefront of the Japanese music scene for a long time as a member of the Japanese Music Group, performing both in Japan and abroad and collaborating on numerous projects, using the 20-string koto she developed. Under the direction of Minoru Miki, who is also the founder of the aforementioned Nippon Music Group, a large volume of music ranging from modern to classical to ambient. Feel the avant-garde elements in many places. Very clean overall, but has scratch part on the last H1-2 side (Sao-No-Kyoku - Tatsuta-No-Kyoku)affect to click sound , so please be careful.

開発した二十弦箏を操り、日本音楽集団のメンバーとして国内外でのパフォーマンスや数々のコラボレーションなど長きに渡り第一線で活躍した野坂 惠子がリリースした79年の4LPアルバム。前述の日本音楽集団の創設者でもある三木 稔 総指揮の元、モダン~クラシカル~アンビエントまで大ヴォリュームの内容。アヴァン的な要素も随所に感じて頂けます。全体的に非常に綺麗な状態ですが最後H1-2面(Sao-No-Kyoku - Tatsuta-No-Kyoku)にかけてスクラッチがあり音に出ます、こちらお気を付け下さい。

A1 - Ha-No-Kyoku - Concerto For Koto And Orchestra

B2 - Overture And "Shunno-Den" From Opera "Shunkin-Sho"

D1 - Hakuyoh (2nd And 3rd Movements)

E1 - From The East

F5 - The Greening

H1 - Sao-No-Kyoku (The Venus In Spring) (scratch pert to H2 side)