Keiko Koyama/Kitsune No Yomeiri = 小山景子 / きつねのよめいり – Canal Of Memories = 記憶の水の運河

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Label:Super Fuji Discs – FJSP-178


Used CD 2012

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A collection of works from 1985-1990 by Keiko Koyama, vocalist of chamber rock group Lacrymosa. This is CD reissue of the rare original LP released in 1994. Backed by Ayumi Matsui (Katra Tulana), Tetsuhito Koyama (A-Musik), Noriyuki Kawabe (Jagatara) and more, the album contains a folk/electric traditional sound full of ambience that is similar to the world view of Sachiko Kanenobu/Gabriela of Argentina. B2 "Black Tears" is especially brilliant tune that shakes various emotions. 


A1 - 春の丘

A2 - Reckless Love

B2 - 黒い涙

B3 - 遊覧船

it is unopened copy, sound recording from the original LP.