Keiichi Oku = 奥慶一 – Sunset Tint

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Used LP 1986 Promo

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only has silent noise as quiet record)

Jacket:VG+  (light wear, totally good condition) w/obi( little cut 0.5mm on top), insert

After Spectrum disbanded, keyboardist Keiichi Oku, who had been working on a number of works for animation and TV in addition to his solo works, produced a new age/modern classical work in 1986 as the first of the Sound Museum Series, which was completely different from his previous style. It's a sensitive and delicate drawn soundscape of piano, harp, violin, and flute composition. The B1/A2/A3 tracks in particular have a smooth atmosphere of development and beauty. One of the best works in the series.

Spectrum解散後は、ソロ作に加えアニメ、TVなどへ数々の作品を手掛けていた鍵盤奏者 奥慶一が86年にそれまでの作風とは全く異なるSound Museum Seriesの第一弾として制作したモダン・クラシカル/ニューエイジ作品。ピアノ、ハープ、ヴァイオリン、フルート編成の端正に描かれた音風景。なかでもB1/A2/A3は滑らかな展開に温もりを持った雰囲気。シリーズ屈指の作品。

A2 - The Fall Rains Fall

A3 - Sheep, Cloud And Wind

B1 - The Falling Beams

B2 - Kingdom