Kazuo Fukuyama = 福山かずお - East Of Eden

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Label:Victor – SJX-30178


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wears, slight scuffs, not bad condition) w/Insert-integrated obi (lightwear)

Debut album by Hokkaido-born singer/drummer Kazuo Fukuyama in 1982. Originally a drummer in a band, he was discovered for his singing ability and released this work, which features AOR to urban funk with his husky voice throughout, while Tsugutoshi Goto, Yasunori Soryo as composers. In addition to the single tunes "East of Eden" and "Manhattan Dreamer",  the album is included good tunes such as A1 "Do You Remember Kobe" A3 "Take It Easy" A4 "Kurosuisen" B1 "Nature Boy" B3 "Juria". Best to match for summer season.

北海道出身の歌手/ドラマー 福山かずおの82年のデヴューアルバム。元々はバンドのドラマーだったものの歌唱力を買われリリースされた作品で、後藤次利、惣領泰則などが作曲で参加しながらハスキーな歌声のAOR~アーバン・ファンクを全編に収録。シングルになった”エデンの東”と”マンハッタン・ドリーマー”以外にもA1”Do You Remember 神戸”、A3”Take It Easy”、A4”黒水仙”、B1”Nature Boy”、B3”樹里亜”などいい曲満載の極上盤。知る人ぞ知る稀少な一枚。

A1 - Do You Remember 神戸

A3 - Take It Easy

A4 - 黒水仙

B1 - Nature Boy

B3 - 樹里亜