Kazuhiko Izu = 伊豆一彦 ‎– "The Book of Dark Night" Original Album =「闇夜の本」オリジナル・アルバム

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Label:Starchild – K28G-7232


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only slight surface noise at some part as quiet record)

Jacket:VG+ (totally good and clean condition) w/obi (super little cut on top (about few mm), insert, poster (complete)

Yasuko Sakata's original fantasy short story "The Book of Dark Night" original album. Kazuhiko Izu, who is known for his famous sound albums such as Dome and Saiyuyoenden, is working on it. It's a synth-pop to ambient instrumental piece that creates a mysterious atmosphere, just like the author's theme of "surprise", "mess", "play", "ghost", "rhythm and beautiful melody". The content is very good all the way through, especially recommend A3/A4/B3 tracks.


A3 - フライング・プレート

A4 - 夜の窓

A5 - Dance

B1 - バンBUu (竹の音)

B3 - 両手ひろげて