Kazue Sawai = 沢井一恵 ‎– Eye To Eye

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Label:Republic/Art Front Produce


Used LP 1987

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In the past, Kazue Sawai has worked with Yuji Takahashi, Peter Hamill, John Zorn, and since the 1980s, she has been touring with Toshi Ichiyanagi and Sumire Yoshihara to bring koto to the modern age by combining contemporary and classical music. This is a contemporary work she made in 1987 with the wizard Takahashi Ayuo. It's a wonderful collection of tense, tension-filled performances, ranging from ambient to experimental tunes.

過去には高橋悠治, Peter Hamill, John Zornなどとセッションを共にしながら80年代からは現代音楽と古典を結び付けるツアーを一柳慧と吉原すみれと行うなど、箏を現代に広めた功労者の1人 沢井一恵が87年に奇才高橋鮎生を招いて作られたコンテンポラリー作品。アンビエント志向な曲からエクスペリメンタル感覚な曲まで緊張感漲る素晴らしい演奏を収録しています。

T4 - They Set On Two Bamboo Stools And Gazed At The Moon And Its Reflection In The Lake

T5 - A Song To Fallen Blossoms

T8 - Eye To Eye