Katsuhiro Tsubonoh And Tomoyuki Okada Percussion Ensemble = 坪能克裕と岡田知之打楽器合奏団 ‎– 天地聲聞

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Label:King Records


Used 2×LP 1980 

Disc:VG+ (good shape only silent surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+/VG (scrubs/brown wear/tape removal mark, please check photos) missing obi

A collaboration between Katsuhiro Tsubonoh, a composer who is also a contemporary musician while also working on soundtracks for anime, and a percussion ensemble led by Tomoyuki Okada. The music is divided into five parts, the most recommended of which are Iron Symphony, Jyukon and The Psalms Of Water. The inserts are also very interesting and well explained one by one. Recorded a longer version for your listening pleasure.

アニメなどのサントラなども手掛けながら現代音楽家の側面も持つ作曲家 坪能克裕と岡田知之率いる打楽器合奏団の共作。5つのパートに分けた楽曲構成となっており、中でもアイアン・シンフォニー、樹塊、水の詩篇辺りオススメ。一つ一つしっかり解説されたインサート群も非常に興味深いです。視聴長めに録ってありますので是非聞いて見て下さい。

A1 - Iron Symphony

C - Jyukon sample 1

C -  Jyukon sample 2

D2 - The Psalms Of Water