Aleksey Kalkin = Алексей Калкин – БОДАЙ-КОО Из Алтайского Эпоса

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Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (feel light surface noise sometimes, totally good shape and looks shiny) 

Jacket:VG+ (scratch part on upper sleeve, rest of parts are good condition)

Aleksey Kalkin, a singer of "throat singing" a special singing style from the Altai Republic in the present-day Russian Federation, located in northwestern Mongolia, that uses a voice characterized by a whistle-like sound and other sounds from throat-packed vocalizations. He is known as one of the leading readers of many fairy tales, myths, legends and other stories Kai that has been handed down from ancient times, and as an improviser who developed it. This work is a recording that seems to have been recorded in 1973, it is recorded as if a throat song spoken with a two-stringed instrument called a Tovshuur which he plays himself, is being typed. It's like a ultimate minimal music... it'll be triped to you perfectly. Phenomenal.

モンゴル北西部に位置する現ロシア連邦内のアルタイ共和国に伝わる、喉を詰めた発声から笛のような音などを特徴とする声を用いた特殊な歌唱法「喉歌」の歌い手Aleksey Kalkin。そこで古くから語り継がれる多くのおとぎ話、神話、伝説などの物語カイの読み手、またそれを発展させた即興演奏家としても知られています。本作は73年に録音されたと見られる収録物で、自ら弾くトプシュールと呼ばれる二弦楽器と共に語られる喉歌が黙々と打ち込まれるように収録されています。ミニマルミュージックの最北とでも言うのか…完璧にトリップしていきます。珍盤奇盤を軽く通り越したとんでもないレコード。ヤバすぎです。

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